Correction Policy

At, we strive to provide accurate and reliable information about anime and related topics. We understand that mistakes can happen, and we are committed to addressing any inaccuracies promptly and transparently. This Correction Policy outlines our approach to handling corrections on our website.

1. Corrections Process
a. Identification: We encourage our users and readers to bring any factual errors or inaccuracies to our attention. If you believe you have identified an error, please contact us at [contact email] with the subject line “Correction Request” and provide detailed information about the specific issue.

b. Verification: Once we receive a correction request, our team will review the information provided and cross-reference it with our original sources and references. We will carefully assess the accuracy of the claim and determine if a correction is warranted.

c. Correction Implementation: If we find that a correction is necessary, we will promptly make the appropriate changes to the relevant content on our website. This may involve updating the article, modifying images, or making other necessary adjustments.

2. Transparency and Acknowledgment
a. Transparency: When a correction is made, we will clearly indicate the nature of the correction and provide an explanation of the error that was identified. This transparency is essential to maintain the trust and credibility of our content.

b. Acknowledgment: If an error is significant or has caused harm or confusion to our users, we will acknowledge the correction publicly. This may involve issuing an update or correction statement on our website, social media platforms, or other appropriate channels.

3. User Feedback
We value feedback from our users and readers. If you believe that a correction made by is inaccurate or incomplete, please let us know. We will review your feedback and make any necessary adjustments to ensure the accuracy and fairness of our corrections.

4. Editorial Discretion
While we strive for accuracy, it is important to note that editorial judgment plays a role in determining when a correction is necessary. Not all requests for corrections may be granted if they do not meet our criteria for factual errors or inaccuracies. We retain the right to make editorial decisions regarding corrections based on our expertise and assessment of the situation.

5. Updates to the Correction Policy
We may update this Correction Policy from time to time to reflect changes in our practices or to address any new issues that may arise. The most recent version of the policy will always be available on our website.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Correction Policy, please contact us at Thank you for your understanding and support in maintaining the accuracy of our content at!