Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Episode 6 – Will the Wait Finally End?

Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead Episode 6

As this week winds down, Zom 100 enthusiasts are all abuzz, wondering if the long-awaited Episode 6 of their beloved anime will finally grace their screens or if they’ll have to endure yet another frustrating delay. Zom 100, with its unique take on the zombie apocalypse narrative, has managed to amass an ardent fanbase. Yet, the one thing putting a damper on the excitement is the all-too-frequent hiatuses the series has been taking.

These intermittent breaks have regrettably caused some fans to part ways with the show, a fact that’s hard to ignore. Nevertheless, the optimists among us are hopeful that the upcoming episodes will not only win back those who wandered off but also draw in new devotees.

So, the burning question on everyone’s mind: When can we finally dive into Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Episode 6?

Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead plot

Well, the wait is nearly over! Episode 6 is set to make its grand return this Sunday, on August 27, 2023, precisely at 5pm JST. To make things easier for fans around the world, we’ve rounded up the release times across various time zones:

– 2am PDT
– 4am CST
– 5am EST
– 10am BST
– 11am European Time
– 2:30pm IST
– 5pm Philippines Time

But that’s not all the good news! Before we even get a taste of Episode 6, we’ve been gifted with the release dates for the following episodes: 7, 8, and 9. No more need for speculation! Mark your calendars with these dates:

– Episode 7 – September 3, 2023
– Episode 8 – September 17, 2023
– Episode 9 – September 24, 2023

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It’s worth noting that Zom 100 is the brainchild of BUG FILMS, a studio that’s fairly new to the animation scene, having just ventured into this world in 2021. Given their recent establishment, it’s understandable that they’re navigating the production process as they settle into their role in the industry. This might offer some insight into the reasons behind the intermittent delays.

So there you have it, the scoop on the much-awaited Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Episode 6, along with a sneak peek at what’s to come in the subsequent episodes. Time to clear your schedules and prepare for some zombie-fueled excitement!