“Demon Lord, Retry! R” Sequel Manga Set to Receive Anime Adaptation

Demon Lord, Retry! R Manga Gets Anime

The popular light novel series, “Demon Lord, Retry!” (Maō-sama, Retry!), penned by Kurone Kanzaki, is all set to receive an exciting new adaptation. The official Twitter account for the series recently announced that the sequel manga, titled “Demon Lord, Retry! R,” created by Kurone Kanzaki and Amaru Minotake, is gearing up for its own anime adaptation.

Bringing the original light novel series, the manga, and its sequel to fans, J-Novel Club has taken the lead in licensing. The newly introduced installment, “Demon Lord, Retry! R,” takes the adventure to fresh heights:

The Demon Lord embarks on a revamped journey in this engaging series! Following an encounter with a mysterious entity in the depths of the Bastille Dungeon, he ventures into the expansive Hellion Territory. This is a realm where powerful Grand Devils contend for supremacy. With the inclusion of a new advisor named Akane, whose unwavering optimism seems boundless, the Demon Lord’s army gains more diversity, leading to even more colorful escapades and wild antics.

Demon Lord, Retry! R Manga

Minotake kick-started the “Demon Lord, Retry! R” manga on Futabasha’s Gaugau Monster website and app in March 2020. The manga’s sixth compiled volume hit shelves on January 13, with the seventh volume scheduled for release on August 30.

With a circulation of 1.9 million copies, the “Demon Lord, Retry!” series has captured the imagination of numerous readers. The initial light novel series inspired its debut television anime adaptation in July 2019, which was made available for streaming by Funimation as it aired.

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The core narrative follows Akira Ōno, an ordinary individual employed at a company overseeing an online game. Frequently assuming the role of his in-game character “Maō” (Dark Lord), his life takes a surreal turn when he finds himself transported into the game’s fantastical realm as his own character. In this world, he encounters a girl with a single leg, embarking on a series of adventures by her side. However, as a formidable “Dark Lord,” he inadvertently draws the attention of various nations and virtuous maidens, resulting in chaotic situations wherever he goes.

The story of “Demon Lord, Retry!” was initially shared by Kanzaki on platforms like “Shōsetsuka ni Narō” (Let’s Become Novelists) and Hameln websites from October to December 2016. A separate side story chapter, unrelated to the main narrative, was published by Kanzaki in September 2018.

Futabasha commenced the publication of the story as light novel volumes, complete with illustrations by Kōji Ogata, in June 2017. Notably, the novels underwent a reprinting under the M Novels label of Futabasha, featuring fresh artwork by the illustrator and animator Makoto Iino. The eighth volume hit bookshelves in November 2021, with the ninth volume slated for release on September 29.

Manga artist Amaru Minotake embarked on a manga adaptation of the narrative in October 2017, which was serialized on Futabasha’s Web Comic Action site. The fifth and final volume of this adaptation reached readers in Japan in December 2019.