MF Ghost Anime: Unveiling the Release Date and All You Need to Know!

MF Ghost Anime Release Date

Street racing fans and anime enthusiasts alike are eagerly anticipating the release of the MF Ghost anime, a successor to the beloved Initial D series. Based on the manga of the same name by Shuichi Shigeno, MF Ghost promises to transport viewers to the exciting world of Japanese street racing.

In this blog post, we will delve into all the exciting details about the anime, including its release date, cast, plot, trailer, and more.

MF Ghost Anime Release Window

The MF Ghost anime was announced on January 4, 2022, with a trailer revealing its scheduled debut in 2023. Though no official release date has been confirmed, it is highly anticipated that the anime will make its appearance on the 2023 summer anime list. Fans can hardly wait to witness the thrilling racing action and immerse themselves in the futuristic world of MF Ghost.

MF Ghost Anime

The Plot of MF Ghost Anime

Set in the year 202X, MF Ghost takes place fifteen years after the events of Initial D. In this future, self-driving electric cars have become the norm in Japan, replacing traditional internal combustion engines. However, amidst this automotive revolution, the MFG racing circuit, which features classic internal combustion vehicles, has been gaining immense popularity worldwide.

The story centers on Kanata Livington, a 19-year-old who graduated from a prestigious racing school in the UK. Kanata embarks on a journey to Japan to participate in the MFG racing circuit and search for his missing father, Ken Katagiri. He takes on the name “Katagiri” and borrows a Toyota 86 from Ogata, a relative of his late mother’s friends, Mr. and Mrs. Saionji.

Despite competing with a car that has disadvantaged specs, Kanata’s remarkable skills place him among the top 15 racers, challenging supercars with ease. It is later revealed that Takumi Fujiwara, the renowned downhill and rally racer from Initial D, is Kanata’s coach. This connection attracts the attention of former racers from the same generation and MFG employees who know Fujiwara well.

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Cast of MF Ghost Anime

The MF Ghost anime boasts a talented cast, with Yuma Uchida voicing the protagonist, Kanata Livington (Kanata Katagiri), and Ayane Sakura as Ren Saionji. Alongside them, other prominent cast members include Daisuke Ono as Shun Aiba, Hiroshi Kamiya as Michael Beckenbauer, and Daisuke Namikawa as Daigo Oishi, among others.

MF Ghost Anime

Trailer and Production Details

The anime’s third promotional video and main visual were released on January 4, 2023, giving fans a glimpse of the characters and showcasing the red Toyota 86 driven by Kanata. The trailer hinted at the plot’s futuristic setting, with the dominance of self-driving electric cars and the growing popularity of the MFG racing circuit. The anime is directed by Tomohito Naka, known for the Initial D Legend series, and the series scripts are written by Kenichi Yamashita and Akihiko Inari.

The character designs are masterfully crafted by Naoyuki Onda, and the sound direction is in the capable hands of Masafumi Mima. Akio Dobashi is composing the music, adding to the anime’s appeal and ensuring an electrifying auditory experience for viewers.

Crunchyroll and Medialink Licensing – Exciting news for fans worldwide is that Crunchyroll and Medialink have licensed the MF Ghost anime, making it accessible to a broader audience.


With the MF Ghost anime poised to make its highly anticipated debut in 2023, fans of street racing and anime enthusiasts can look forward to a thrilling and futuristic adventure. The story’s focus on the MFG racing circuit, electrifying racing action, and the involvement of iconic characters from the Initial D series ensure an adrenaline-packed and nostalgia-filled experience.

While the exact release date remains undisclosed, anticipation for the MF Ghost anime continues to grow, and fans eagerly await the thrilling journey that lies ahead in the world of Japanese street racing. Stay tuned for further updates as 2023 progresses, and the MF Ghost anime draws closer to its electrifying release!