Ninja Kamui: A Fierce Tale of Vengeance Set to Premiere on Adult Swim’s Toonami in 2024

ninja kamui release date

Anime fans, get ready to witness a thrilling new addition to the world of Japanese animation – “Ninja Kamui.” Set to make its debut on Adult Swim’s renowned Toonami programming block in 2024, this upcoming anime promises to deliver a captivating tale of vengeance, action, and intrigue.

Directed by the talented Sunghoo Park, the mastermind behind acclaimed anime like Jujutsu Kaisen and God of High School, Ninja Kamui is an original creation that breaks new ground in the world of ninja-based stories. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the exciting plot, the creative team behind the production, and the buzz surrounding its release.

The Plot: A Tale of Betrayal and Vengeance

ninja kamui Plot

Ninja Kamui follows the gripping story of Joe Higan, a skilled ninja who decides to escape his clan and lead a peaceful life with his family in rural America. However, fate has other plans for him, as his past catches up with him when his former clan tracks him down, leading to a brutal ambush. His house is burned, and his family, including his wife and child, are mercilessly killed in a heart-wrenching act of betrayal.

Devastated and broken, Joe Higan returns from the shadows, resurrecting himself as the vengeful Ninja Kamui. Determined to avenge the loss of his loved ones, he sets out on a perilous journey to take down the very clan that once trained and betrayed him. Standing in his way are highly skilled assassins, deadly combat cyborgs, and rival ninjas, each posing a formidable challenge to his quest for justice.

Armed with his unparalleled skills and a newfound sense of purpose, Joe must confront his adversaries and vanquish them before facing his ultimate enemy, bringing an enthralling narrative to life.

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Creative Team and Production

ninja kamui Production

The brilliance of Ninja Kamui’s concept lies not only in its plot but also in the expertise of its creative team. Sunghoo Park, known for his exceptional directorial work on Jujutsu Kaisen and God of High School, spearheads the project, showcasing his talent for weaving gripping action sequences and engaging storytelling. As a testament to his dedication, Park has chosen to take a unique approach to the action and storyline, setting Ninja Kamui apart from traditional ninja-based tales.

Adding to the anime’s allure, character designer Takashi Okazaki, famous for his work on Afro Samurai, brings his signature flair to Ninja Kamui’s cast of fascinating characters. With his distinct artistic style, Okazaki ensures that each character possesses a visually captivating and emotionally rich presence on screen, elevating the overall viewing experience.

Produced by E&H Production and Sola Entertainment, Ninja Kamui promises to offer a seamless blend of captivating animation and thrilling action sequences, creating an immersive world that fans are eagerly anticipating.

Trailer and Visual: A Glimpse into the World of Ninja Kamui

The recently unveiled trailer for Ninja Kamui offers a tantalizing glimpse into the action-packed world of anime. In the three-minute teaser, viewers witness the heartrending moment of Joe’s family being brutally taken from him. Rising from his seeming demise, Joe Higan emerges as the fearsome Ninja Kamui, driven by a desire for vengeance. As he confronts trained assassins in a spectacular display of skill and determination, something within him awakens, leading him to don the mask he had once forsaken.

The new visual of Ninja Kamui showcases the protagonist, Joe Higan, adorned in a devilish mask, his figure bathed in the blood of his adversaries. The visually striking poster teases the intensity of the battles that await and hints at the darkness that envelopes Joe’s quest for justice.


As the excitement builds around Ninja Kamui, anime enthusiasts eagerly await its premiere on Adult Swim’s Toonami in 2024. With an original plot that deviates from traditional ninja tales, the masterful direction of Sunghoo Park, and the artistic prowess of Takashi Okazaki, this anime promises to be a gripping and visually stunning experience.

Prepare yourselves to be enthralled by Joe Higan’s journey as he transforms into the formidable Ninja Kamui and embarks on a mission of vengeance against his former clan. The clash with assassins, combat cyborgs, and rival ninjas is sure to deliver adrenaline-pumping action and emotional depth that will leave a lasting impression on audiences.

Are you ready to be immersed in the world of Ninja Kamui? Mark your calendars for its premiere in 2024 and get ready for an unforgettable anime experience that is bound to leave you craving for more. Share your excitement and thoughts about this upcoming masterpiece in the comments below, and let the countdown to Ninja Kamui’s release begin!