Top 5 Most Disturbing Science Fiction Anime

Science fiction has always been a popular subgenre in anime, and for good reason: it provides a fertile ground for exploring interesting ideas about the modern world, human nature, and the creative process. On the other hand, certain science fiction anime examine the repercussions of the most extreme dystopian fantasies.

Top 5 Most Disturbing Science Fiction Anime

The near-extinction of humanity in a dystopian future is a recurring motif in these anime. The protagonists must confront challenging moral decisions and their repercussions. The stories delve into the darkest corners of society and the lowest points of human nature.

Are you in the mood for a dark science fiction anime? If so, you’ve arrived at the proper location! This article will list the top five darkest sci-fi anime of all time. These anime are certain to amuse and disturb you in equal measure. Continue reading if you’re feeling brave to view the roster!


Extreme brutality throughout the series is one of the key elements that makes Parasyte a grim anime. The consequences of the parasitic aliens’ assaults on humans are depicted in graphic detail, and the anime has no qualms about depicting these scenes of extreme violence. Shinichi Izumi’s identity and connection to the alien are called into question by the extraterrestrial parasite that has taken over his right hand.

The show explores the notion that a person’s identity is not immutable but rather constantly evolving. Shinichi’s struggle to maintain his individuality in the face of the parasitic alien’s ambitions and motivations is a central conflict that illustrates the darker themes of the series.


The violence in Gantz is not merely gratuitous, it functions to highlight the darker themes of the series. The characters in the program are frequently portrayed as their own worst enemies, and death is always a constant menace. Kei Kurono must confront death and the nature of humanity despite being a defective and frequently unlikeable individual.

The show examines the notion that an individual’s identity is fluid and ever-changing, and that people can undergo unanticipated changes and develop as individuals. The controversial program Gantz is not for the faint of heart, but rather for those who are unafraid to confront the darker aspects of humanity.


The Sibyl System, which is designed to monitor and classify humans in a dystopian future, is a powerful computer system used by the government to watch and evaluate its citizens’ mental health. Each individual is assigned a Psycho-Pass score that indicates their propensity for illicit behavior.

Akane Tsunemori, the multifaceted and frequently flawed protagonist, is compelled to confront the harshest aspects of her existence. She examines the notion that justice is not always crystal obvious and that the distinction between right and wrong can be murky at times.

Darker Than Black

In the world of the anime Darker than Black, a mysterious calamity has encased a portion of Tokyo within the impenetrable and lethal Hell’s Gate region. The incident has also endowed some individuals with extraordinary abilities, these contractors are employed as mercenaries and assassinations.

This anime also explores the essence of humanity itself. The anime explores the notion that humans are capable of both great good and great evil, and that human aims and desires frequently dictate behavior. Despite being depicted as having lost their humanity, the contractors in this series are shown to be human, as are the problems they face.

Ergo Proxy

Ergo Proxy

In a dark and thought-provoking anime, the profound ideas and feelings of Ergo Proxy are explored. In this story, Re-I Mayer, a police officer for the city of Romdo, investigates a series of murders that cause her to doubt everything she believes to be true.

The show plays with the concept of reality by causing Re-I to question whether the world she perceives is the actual one. Due to this, there is just enough mystery and ambiguity throughout the entire series to keep viewers interested. As Re-I investigates the matter further, she uncovers that the government has been using proxies to create an artificial intelligence called Ergo Proxy to rule the city.

These intense science fiction anime are not for the feint of heart. These works can be deeply unsettling in the way they deal with death, violence, and hopelessness. However, if you’re looking for a dark and challenging viewing experience, then you should try these out. And if you liked this article, follow us on Twitter for additional anime-related content!