“Spice and Wolf” is Back! New Anime Key Visual Released

spice and wolf is back

A new key visual for the upcoming anime adaptation of the Spice and Wolf light novels has been released. The visual features the two main characters, Kraft Lawrence and Holo, looking out over a snowy landscape. Lawrence is a traveling merchant, and Holo is a wise wolf deity who has lost her home.

The two of them travel together, trading goods and learning about each other’s worlds as seen in the clip. The new anime is being produced by Studio Passione, and it is scheduled to premiere in 2024, the exact date is not confirmed yet. The original anime adaptation aired in 2008 and 2009, and it covered the first five light novels. The new anime is expected to cover the rest of the light novels, which total 20 volumes.

Here Is The Video In Which The Announcement Is Made-

The new key visual has been met with positive reactions from fans. Many people are excited to see the two main characters again, and they are eager to see how the new anime will adapt the light novels. After watching the teaser number of audience shared their experience and from them we’ve compiled some reviews and included them below:

“I’m so excited for this! I’ve been waiting for a new Spice and Wolf anime for years.” “The key visual looks amazing! I can’t wait to see how the new anime will look…” “I hope they do justice to the light novels. Spice and Wolf is one of my favorite series.”

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Final saying

The new Spice and Wolf anime is sure to be a popular show when it premieres in 2024. Fans of the light novels are already excited to see the two main characters again, and they are eager to see how the new anime will adapt the source material.
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