Overwatch Animated Series Will Premiere in July 2023

overwatch anime

A miniseries about Overwatch is coming to YouTube. The first episode, titled “Genesis – Part One: Dawn,” will be released on July 6, and on Friday, Blizzard released a trailer introducing some of the characters we’ll encounter. This episode appears to be centered on the original Omnic Crisis, as Reaper, Reinhardt, and Ana fight through the conflict that threatened humanity.

In the lore of Overwatch, humanity attained a near-utopia by automating society with omnics and AI. This plan failed when the omnics revolted, sparking a global conflict. Overwatch played a crucial role in repelling the omnics and rescuing civilians, but the organization would later disintegrate due to allegations of corruption and internal strife.

Here is the trailer for the Overwatch animated miniseries that you can view –

Do you know that after eleven incredible episodes of Oshi No Ko, the audience is eagerly awaiting the second season? The first episode left the audience with many questions, such as who is the true murderer of Ai and who made her pregnant:

Also, it appears that there will be sequences from the perspectives of both omnics and the scientists who created them. Presumably, the omnic at the conclusion of the trailer is on its way to Nepal to join the Shambali, an order of omnic philosophers.

We must wait and see what the remaining two episodes of “Genesis” hold. Hopefully they’ll move on from the Overwatch universe’s origins and show us what’s happening in the present.

In Season 6, players can also access Invasion story missions in Overwatch 2. The story missions will cost $15 and be available indefinitely after the season ends. The next Overwatch hero to join the franchise is an enigmatic Support-class hero with a large sword-gun, and her backstory may reveal more about the world.